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A solar power system could be the best investment you ever made but if not properly maintained the longevity and performance of your system can be considerably reduced.


Also as the owner of a PV Solar system, under the Electricity Distribution code you are required to ensure that your system is operating correctly and maintained in a safe condition.


Solar System Service includes:-





















Panel Cleaning also available at additional

$5 per panel


For Systems larger than 5Kw and Commercial Systems contact us for a quote.


Hail Damage

Bird Droppings

panels moss


Systems serviced for $150

(up to 5Kw system)



  • Check condition and connections of each panel

  • Check power produced in each circuit of the system

  • Check correct operation of Inverter

  • Mechanical check of frame and mounts

  • Checking AC and DC isolators for water ingress and loose connections

  • Check power is feeding back into the grid

  • Anti Island testing

  • Checking operation of the shutdown procedure

  • Measure and record Kw output at inverter

  • Measure and record Voltage and Current in each string

  • Following the service you will receive a detailed maintenance and performance report